a day as any other

on my mind on a Sunday… A weekend of I would say decadence for any child in the world… it is just the life of a parent. I give and give and find myself missing the point because there is not one. I think this the final reason I look out into the abyss of the internet for relief. I enjoy my mommy instagramers… but it is always different. I am a mess, I don’t homeschool, live on a beach, or a farm, and really I have no interest in homeschooling, I am a artist so yes I am a little nuts and a 100% fun. We have just moved and in the mist of temp world I have found: http://www.mychildsmuseum.org It is amazing. Love, and the bliss of art.. I am about to journey into the process of a remodel. It is a glorious creative destructive state… I have done it so many times before that it makes me think this is my status in life… So love it or… you fill that in my fiends